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Staying true to our R.E.A.L. mission, we focus on the basics of food making; recreating staple food items using high quality ingredients. By scouring the world for the best ingredients, and working with local farmers and producers we are able to create a new array of chocolates and pantry staples that will sure to impress anyone from your favorite foodie that knows the latest food trends to your grandparents who wants their food to taste like it did when they were younger.



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OUR Kitchen
and Garden

Based in Connecticut, Our chocolate kitchen is located in Newtown, Connecticut where we handcraft our chocolate and chocolate products. Our focus on using local ingredients pushed us in creating our own chocolate garden filled with unique herbs, fruits, and plants that are hard to find 

Chocolate BLog

The Chocolate Blog is an insight into our adventures as a maker, sourcer, gardener, and much more! 

Grab a cup of Hot Chocolate, or Cacao tea, and read insights into our chocolate making process, sourcing of cacao beans, the progression of our chocolate garden and recipes utilizing our chocolate provisions will be explored and tracked down in our chocolate blog! 

Special Orders and Events

Looking for a unique chocolate sculpture for a dinner party, or a Basket filled with hand crafted products, or even having a S'more Station at a party, we can hand you with any needs! 


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